Executive Chairman of the Board Message

Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited

Chaleun Sekong Energy Company responds to the policy guidelines of the Party and State in promoting domestic energy.

Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited was established in 2016 with registered capital of LAK 330 trillion. The business objectives of the Company are to invest in the development and construction of generating facilities and as a producer of electricity to meet the needs of domestic consumers and to export electricity to neighboring countries. While running the business, in addition the company has also focused on and revised its mitigation policy to achieve poverty reduction related to the development of hydropower projects located in remote areas, providing support for community development, and contributing to the economic and social development of the Nation.

The Company is proud to make a significant contribution to clean energy production, while increasing the sustainable growth of the domestic economy, with experience and expertise.  As of today, the Company has 11 hydropower facilities.  Three of them, the Nam Ngiep 3A Hydropower Project, the Xenamnoy 1 Hydropower Project and the Xenamnoy 6 Hydropower project are selling 63.8 MW of electricity to Electricite Du Laos.  Three other projects, Nam Kong 2 Hydropower Project, Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project and NamEmoun Hydropower Project export their electricity to Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) with an initial capacity of 251 MW.  There are four other projects in which CSE is a shareholder, being the Nam Ngum 3 Hydropower Project with a shareholding of 55 %, Nam Theun 1 Hydropower Project with a shareholding of 28 %, both of which will sell electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) with an installed capacity of 1,130 MW.  The HouayLaNge Hydropower Project has a CSE shareholding 30 % which will sell their electricity to EVN with an installed capacity of 60 MW, and Nam Phak Hydropower Project with CSE holding shares of 80 % which will all supply electricity to Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) with an installed capacity of 168 MW.  Also, of note is the Nam Ang Hydropower Project which is under development with an installed capacity of 140 MW.

The Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited has set goals and targets to be achieved and is focused on working with local and foreign business partners to study and develop projects.  Following the Company’s entry into the market in 2025 to create a competitive environment the objective is to integrate and stay within the company’s corporate development framework for sustainable development.

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