$142.527 M


288 GWh


50 M


861 Km2

Installed capacity

66 MW

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Project Cost $142.527 Million
Shareholder CSE 100%
Installed capacity 66 MW
Annual energy average 288 GWh
Max power generator 76.20 m³/s
The water level 98.8 m
Type of Turbine Francis 3 Unit
Offer taker EVN
Catchment Area 200.8 Km2
Annual Average Rain Fall 2,315 mm
Annual Average Discharge 36.6 m³/s
Reservoir Storage Capacity 71.4 Million m³
Reservoir Storage Capacity 4.2 Km2
Full Supply Level 427 m a.s.l
Min Operating level 420 m a.s.l
Main Dam
Type Gravity Concrete
Height 65 m
Crest Length 280 m
Headrace Canal
Type Exposed Excavation
Length 114 m
Longitudinal Gradient 0.001%
Type Steel Liner
Number of Pipe 1
Diameter 4.2 m
Length 370 m
Type Sluice Gate
Number of Gate 4
Design Flood Discharge p=0,1% 3,780 m³/s
Headrace Tunnel
Type Reinforced Concrete
Design Discharge 76.2 m³/s
Diameter 5.4 – 4.2 m
Length 1,430 m
Tailrace Canal
Type Open Canal
Length 205 m
Switchyard 115 kV
Elevation 354.5 m a.s.l
Dimension 55m X 40m
Installed Capacity 66 MW
Number of Units 3 Unit
Turbine Type Vertical Francis
Max Powerhouse Discharge 76.2 m³/s
Erection Floor Elevation 324.5 m a.s.l
115 KV Transmission Line
Substation Sapaothong Substation
Length 36 Km
Circuit Type Single Circuit
Conductor Size 240 mm2

Legislative Document

  1. On 19/1/2010 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  2. In 2010 Project Development Agreement (PDA)
  3. On 31/1/2013 Concession Agreement (CA)
  4. On 3/4/2011 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  5. On 11/2011, construction started
  6. On 06/2018, the construction was completed
  7. On 20/7/2018 Commercial operation date (COD)

Main Contractor

Main Contractor: Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hydropower Joint Stock Company.

  • All of Construction structural work items (Civil Work);
  • Electrical system.
  • Mechanical systems.
  • High voltage transmission line 22 kWh.
  • 115 kWh.

Designers and supervisors

  • Construction design (Basic design): East Asia Investment and Construction Consultant JSC.
  • Construction Supervision (Owner Engineer & Construction Supervision): East Asia Investment and Construction Consultant JSC.

Repair contractor

  • Construction Supervision (Owner Engineer & Construction Supervision) ILF Consulting Engineers:
  • Headrace Tunnel, (Grouting) (Slope Protection), (Civil work) (Bottom Outlet): Right Tunnelling Co., Ltd.
  • (Bottom Outlet) Whessoe Lao Sole Co., Ltd.:
  • Procurement of dam measuring equipment (Dam Instrument) Nari Group Corporation
  • Installation of dam measuring equipment (Dam Instrument) Siam Tone Co., Ltd.:
  • Checking, repairing and testing the engine. Asia Motor Service Center Co., Ltd.: (Mechanical Work and Commissioning).
  • Inspection and repair of electrical systems in Powerhouses, inspection and repair work (Switchyard): Tonnam Energy Part., Ltd.

Important steps of the project

  1. On 31-January-2013, the Nam Kong 2 Hydropower Project has a concession agreement with the Government of the Lao PDR;
  2. The original developer was Hong Anh Attapeu Electric Company Limited;
  3. In 2011, construction of the Nam Kong 2 hydropower project began;
  4. In 2016, Chaluen Sekong Power Company became a 100% shareholder from Hong Anh Attapeu Electric Co., Ltd. and continued to build 10% of the unfinished work until it was completed;
  5. In June 2018 completed construction;
  6. In June 2018 Experiment with electricity generation
  7. On July 20, 2018 Commercial operation date (COD)

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