Project Cost

$ 334,113,032

Annual energy average

586 GWh

Height DAM

997.6 M

Installation capacity

128 MW 2

Installation capacity

128 MW

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Project Costs

 334,113,032 US Dollar


 CSE, Kobe and EDL

Installation capacity

 128 MW

Annual Energy Average

 586 GWh

Annual Average Discharge

 20.8  m3/s


 653.1 M

Type of Turbine

 2  Pelton and 1 Francis


 EDL Sent Through Electricite Du Cambodge (EDC)  

Catchment Area

 142.4 km2

Annual Average Rain Fall

 3,600 mm (Information between 1992-2015)

Annual Average Outflow

 17.64 m3/s


 6.05 km2 (NAM PA and NAM PHAK)

 2,80 km2 (NAM PA)

 Total 8,85 km2

Maximum water reservoir level (MWRL)

 885 h

Maximum Operating Level

 FSL EL= 993.00 m asl (NAM PA)

 FSL EL= 909.00 m asl (PHOU PONG)

Minimum Operating Level

 MOL EL= 955 m asl (NAM PA)

 MOL EL= 905 m asl (PHOU PONG)

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Main Dam NAM PA


  Rock fill dam (AT PHAO)


  77.6 M

Crest Level

 997.6 M

Crest Level

 997.6 M

Hight water level

 995,6 M

Low water level

 955 M



 Concrete U Drain Block

diameter of the gate


The space between the gate and dam ridge


 Flood Gate  

 1000 years 

Water flow rate

 392 m3/s

High pressure inline water pipe


 Steel pipe

 inside diameter

 2.5 M


 1,859 M







 2,847 M

 inside diameter

 3 ມ



 Water Intake

 Low water level

 MOL EL= 905 m asl (Phou Pong)

Ground-level water

 EL= 898 M

Ground-level water intake

 EL= 899 M

Open Gate

  Gate Gantry Crain



 Air insulate Switchgear (AIS)

High voltage

  115 kW



 Powerhouse on the floor

 Number of turbines

 2 Units

 Number of generators

 2 Machine

 Installation capacity

 120 MW

 Net height

 653.1 M

 Effective height

 670.8 M


Channel Flow

Open Channel Concrete

Groundwater levels

 EL= 229,5 M

Surface Water

 EL= 232.2 M

transmission line kW



High Voltage

 115 kW


22   Km

  1. On December 09, 2020 Ministry of Energy and Mines issues license to Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd. to start construction of the project NamPhak

Project Owner:                                  Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd.

–   Basic Design:                               Tractebel Engineering Ltd.

–   Consultant:                                  Tractebel Engineering Ltd.

–   Geological survey                         SSSDC, BMEC

  • Initial survey:                                              2007, by KOBE Company (KGPC)
  • Initial project owner:                            KOBE Company (KGPC)
  • feasibility study (FS):                              Built in 2010, by (AECOM)
  • Consultant AECOM:                                    Design to Run Off, By:

         1) Machine 8 MW + 100 MW,

            2) Machine 8 MW + 150 MW,

            3) Machine 8 MW + 120 MW

  • Updated feasibility study (FS):              2014-2015 by: LAO MAJOR INDIA.
  • Transfer Project Ownership:                  2017, Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Updated feasibility study (FS):                             2017-2020 by POYRY / AFRY Consultants
  • Start building infrastructure:                                2021 By Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd.

Project milestones

The pioneering phase and construction begins in 2021: 

  • Main Dam Model, Powerhouse, and Site offices

  • Locals Survey, and the Roads

  • Compensate for coffee plantation damage to people in the project area.

  • Clear the area, and started build the Roads of the PARKSONG side, first and the second phase.

  • Install, and build power lines of 22 kW.

  • Build the Bridge to Cross NamPhak

  • Clear the area, and start building camps and Site offices.


The Overall constructions phase in 2022:

  • Infrastructure construction work phase 1

  • Build the road inside the dam to the tunnel Phase 2

  • Build the road R7-R8 PATHUMPHONE Side

  • Build grid systems 22 kW from the power station to the camp.

  • Building camps, and field offices


The Overall constructions phase in early 2023: 

  • Camp CSE

  • Camp SD5

  • Nam Pa Dam

  • Nam Phak Dam

  • Phou Pong Dam

  • Powerhouse 8MV

  • Powerhouse 160MV

  • Penstock


The Overall constructions phase in March 2023:

  • Road R1-R2
  • Asphalt mixing plant
  • Zigzag road to powerhouse 160 MW
  • Guard house SD5 asset road R3-R4 and R5-R6
  • Mixing concrete plant No.2
  • Transmission line 22 KV on north road


Contact Us

CSE Building, Nongbon Road, Unit 8, Nongbon Village, Xaysettha District Vientiane, Lao PDR.

+856 (0) 21 417788 or 417789