$235 M


460.59 GWh


25.6 M


Diversion Dam 254 Km2
Main Dam 208 Km2

Installed Capacity

131 MW

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In Progress

Emoun dam Board of Management


Managing Director & Vice President

Acting Managing Director of Project Delvelopment

Project Manager

Mr Bilchaye ABAY

EM&HM Team Leader

Deputy Project Manager (DPM)

Project Control

Project Control

Project Cost $235 Million
Shareholder CSE 100%
Installed Capacity 133 MW
Average Annual Energy 431.8 GWh
Maximum Turbine Discharge 37 m3/s
Rated Head 397 m
Turbine Type Vertical Pleton x 2 Units
Offertaker EVN
Catchment Area Diversion Dam 254 Km2Main Dam 208 Km2
Annual Average Rain Fall Diversion Dam 2,720 mm Main Dam 2,670 mm
Annual Average Discharge Diversion Dam 11.4 m3/s Main Dam 9.3 m3/s
Reservoir Storage Capacity Diversion Dam 0.87 Million m3 Main Dam 0.07 Million m3
Reservoir Surface Area Diversion Dam 0.16 Km2 Main Dam 0.02 Km2
Full Supply Level Diversion Dam 784.1 m a.s.l Main Dam 782 m a.s.l
Minimum Operating Level Diversion Dam 782 m a.s.l Main Dam 780 m a.s.l
Diversion Dam
Type Concrete Gravity
Height 29 m
Crest Length  127 m
Crest level 790.2 m a.s.l
Main Dam
Type Concrete Gravity
Height 26.6 m
Crest Length 87.5 m
Crest level 792.2 m a.s.l
Headrace Channel
Longitudinal Gradient
Headrace Tunnel
Type Concrete Lining
Design Discharge: 76.2 m3/s
Diameter 5.4 – 4.2 m
Length 1,430 m
Type Steel Liner
Number of Pipe 1
Diameter 2.8 m
Length 934 m
Longitudinal Gradient
Spillway-Main Dam
Type Gated
Number of Gate 3
Design Flood Discharge
Max. inflow peak
Spillway-Diversion Dam
Type Gated
Number of Gate 3
Conveyance Tunnel
Type Free-Flow
Design Discharge
Diameter 4.5m x 5.5m Horseshoe
Length 13,121 m
Low Pressure Tunnel
Type Compress the pressure
Design Discharge
Diameter 4.5m x 5m Horseshoe
Length 3,452 m
Tailrace Channel
Type The canal is open
Switchyard 230 kV
Type Ground cover
Installed Capacity 131 MW
Number of Unit 2
Turbine Type Pentagon vertical Axis X 2 Units
Max Powerhouse Discharge 37 m3/S
Erection Floor Elevation
230 KV Transmission Line
Substation Vong Xang (Sekong II)
Length 51 Km
Circuit Type Double Circuit
Conductor Size 240 mm2

Legislative documents

  1. Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of the Lao PDR.
  2. Project Development Agreement (PDA) was signed in July 2015
  3. The Feasibility study of the project was approved in December 2017
  4. Completed the report of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in November 2017
  5. Completed the Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans (ESMMP) in July 2017
  6. Completed the Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans-construction Phase (ESMMP-CP) in December 2018
  7. Completed the preparation of biomass removal plans and approved the plans for November 2019
  8. Signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on January 04, 2020
  9. Signed a concession agreement (CA) with the Government of the Lao PDR on December 25, 2020

Construction contractor

  • Civil construction work
  • waterways mechanical construction works
  • electro-mechanical constructions
  • Project Owner: Chaleun sekong., co.LTD
  • Construction design company: Poyry Energy Ltd
  • Consulting company: ILF Consulting Engineers (Asia) Ltd
  • Civil work contractor: SongDa-5 Joint Stock Company
  • Supply and installation of machinery: VOITH Shanghi Company Ltd
  1. In 2013, a preliminary survey was conducted by GXED & CGGC, the original owner of the project, TK Group.
  2. In 2015, the project proposal presentation was submitted by GXED.
  3. In July 2015, the project proposal presentation was inspected by Pöyry Energy Ltd
  4. In 2016, the project owner was changed to Chaleun sekong., co.LTD
  5. In April 2019, a project construction consulting contract was signed with ILF Consultant Engineering
  6. In December 2018, Song Da-5 Joint Stock Company signed a contract for civil and hydropower work.
  7. In April 2019, Voith Hydro Shanghai signed a contract for electrical and mechanical installation.
  8. In April 2019, the original design was redesigned by ILF Consultant

Project milestones

Progress of project construction Pioneering phase

  • Survey the area
  • Survey and measure water quality
  • Paving the road
  • Compensate for area damage to people
  • Start construction


The Overall construction phases

  • Office and project accommodation
  • Field Laboratory
  • Repair shop
  • Main dam
  • Diversions Dam
  • Tunnel
  • Powerhouse


The Overall construction phases

  • Office and project accommodation
  • Field Laboratory
  • Repair shop
  • Main dam
  • Diversions Dam
  • Tunnel
  • Powerhouse


Current construction progress overall 2022

  • Main dam
  • Diversions Dam
  • tunnel
  • Powerhouse
  • Install the generator
  • Transmission line construction


Current construction progress overall early 2023

  • Main Dam
  • Diversion Dam
  • Conveyance Tunnel 20km
  • ADIT 1
  • ADIT 2
  • ADIT 3
  • Surg Tank
  • Portal P7 | Portal P7
  • Portal P8 | Portal P8 ​
  • Powerhouse
  •  Mechanical and electrical equipment installation
  • Switchyard
  • Transmission Line
  • Auxiliary projects: Batching Plant, Crushing Plant and Quarry, Warehouse, Camp


Current construction progress overall in 2023 (Q2)

  • Water Way Tunnel Construction Invert concrete
  • Penstock Civil & Hydromechanical Construction
  • Electromechanical Works
  • Commissioning System


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