Human Resource

Personnel are the primary drivers of the organization are the primary drivers of the organisation as well as the way of raising the level of knowledge and skills. Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited appreciates the importance of development. Along with the upgrading of staff, the Company has also improved the working environment and atmosphere to be highly efficient and that is open and supportive to employees expressing a wide range of ideas to select the best ideas to translate into the culture for future re-organisation.

  • 1

    Select employees who are outstanding and have the necessary qualifications to for the position.

  • 2

    Continuously invest in the development of human resources.

  • 3

    Encourage employees to learn the work of the company comprehensively to ensure that the internal systems work. In an organization that operates with efficient teams.

  • 4

    Develop a training plan on a regular basis for staff to be in a stable position.