CSE “Share all – share happiness” activities to Relief during disease outbreak COVID-19

With concern from the Board of Management of Chaleun Sekong Energy Co., Ltd.

Due to the disease outbreak situation of Covid-19 in early 2020 to the present and the disease outbreak, affecting the socio-economic, health, and well-being of the Lao people throughout the country. with the concern of the Board of management (CSE) Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd. for the CSE staff. Therefore, it was researched and agreed to organize this activity “Share all – Share happiness” To inspire and motivate the employees of the company affected by the disease outbreak Covid-19 togethering this crisis together.

In this “Share all – share happiness” event, a handover ceremony was held for the employees on 12 November 2021 at Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd. (CSE), presented by Mr. Sihune Siththilusay, Vice President of Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd. Represent for the CSE’s Board of management to Handing-over ceremony. On this occasion, Mr. Sihune Siththilusay said: To help alleviate the difficulties from the disease outbreak COVID-19. causing higher prices for many commodities, including oil prices and etc… to help alleviate the cost of living for employees within the company, The Board of Management was “Share all – share happiness” and supported Rice – dry foods and essentials, (Value 250,000 Kip / 1 employee / month) Given to 67 target employees. these activities will continue until the disease outbreak Covid-19 is brought under control, or until a government task force issues a notice of mitigation measures (lockdown).

This event demonstrates the concern of the CSE Board of managements, which always attaches importance and attention to the staff, because the staff is the driving force behind the company, no matter how hard they work, they are happy and warm, like a warm CSE family.

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