Handover Ceremony of Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project November 29, 2021 at Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Plant, Phouvong District, Attapeu Province.

Handover Ceremony of Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project

November 29, 2021 at Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Plant, Phouvong District, Attapeu Province.


On November 29, 2021, a handover ceremony was held for the Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project as a production dam at Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project, Phouvong District, Attapeu Province. Mr. Wittaya Phommachanh, Head of Energy and Mining Department, Attapeu Province, was honored to participate in this event. On behalf of the Attapeu Provincial Administration; Mr. Soulichan Sokchankham, The mayor of the district, Phouvong District, Attapeu Province; Mr. Chanthanom Phommany, the Executive Chairman of the Board of Chaleun sekong Energy Co., Ltd. together with the Vice-presidents, the Board of Directors, the heads of divisions, heads of relevant offices, along with representatives of project consultants, contractors, representatives of the field staff of Nam Kong 3, Under the covid-19 disease prevention measures.

Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Plant is 100% invested by Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd. (CSE). Construction began in January 2018, after an official water storage ceremony on December 11, 2020, in Attapeu province. CSE has continued to follow the plan set by all the work from the date of starting the construction of the project in 2018 to August 31, 2021. It is now considered 100% complete and the system is being connected to the transmission line with EVN.

At the handover ceremony, Mr. Peechar Kanthamoon, Vice President and Director of Project Construction and Development and Production Maintenance, briefly reported on the history of Nam Kong 3 construction: Initially, the Nam Kong 3 hydropower project was developed by Hoang Anh Ya Lai Co., Ltd. Designed by JSC Consultant Co., Ltd., an investor from Vietnam with a total installed capacity of 45 MW, later in 2016, Chaluen Sekong Energy Co., Ltd. developed and owned 100% of the shareholder which has been redesigned to be appropriate. in order not to have too much impact Upgraded the installed capacity from 45 MW to 54 MW, The Nam Kong 3 hydropower project has the following components: The structure of the dam is an RCC reinforced cement concrete. It is 65 meters in height, the ridge is 494 meters long, 545.00 meters above sea level. The reservoir area at the highest water level is 39 km2, can store 537.5 million m3. The tunnel is reinforced concrete and flow water to the powerhouse and the powerhouse buildings as reinforced concrete structures, 517 million m3 of water volume and average energy is 208.9 kWh per year. The Project management with a 27-year concession period, Nam Kong 3 has the least environmental and social impact because our CSE is well managed and meets international standards.

Our CSE has hired world-renowned consulting firms to provide consulting services that have given the company a good management system. Strong, standardized to create confidence for future investors, Researched and redesigned by POYRY Consulting, Switzerland. There are contractors with international expertise such as: Design, construction and consulting by AFRY (Thailand) Ltd, The civil service by CHINA GEZHOUBA GROUP CO., LTD (CGGC), Supply and installation of hydro-mechanical by WHESSOE SDN BHD, Supply and installation of electro-mechanical by ANDRITZ HYDRO PRIVATE LTD, 220 kV transmission line and joint substation work by Chaleun sekong Energy Co., Ltd. (CSE)


Then Mr. Somsanith Suvannalath the Vice president and directed the human resource department mentioned Such achievement: that achievement has created a lot of pride for the CSE, which has made an important contribution to the socio-economic development of the nation. Especially: CSE has contributed to the development of the energy sector in accordance with the direction of clean energy production, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our achievement this time is just the beginning, we have completed the construction of the Nam Kong 3 hydropower plant and have already held a handover ceremony. But most importantly, how we can maintain this dam as long as possible. and to get the most out of it is difficult and very challenging.

In this handover ceremony, The Nam Kong 3 projects have been signed and handed over between Project construction and development (PCD) with department of operation and maintenance (DOM). After signing and receiving department of operation and maintenance will continue to manage and maintain in order to use the dam efficiently;

On that occasion Mr. Chanthanom Phommany, the Executive Chairman of the Board of Chaleun sekong Energy Co., Ltd. mentioned:  Nam Kong 3 is one of CSE’s many projects built to produce clean energy for society as well as following the government’s approach to industrialization and modernization in the energy sector. Especially is Nam Kong 3 hydropower plant. This is the first dam that Chaleun sekong energy Co., Ltd. has invested 100% in self-construction by 3 years and 5 months, lots of problems were encountered during the construction phase. But it can be overcome. because there is a good command system and a good management system with competent consultants, with experience and professionalism, and solidarity, the construction of the dam was finally successful

Then Mr. Wittaya Phommachanh, Head of Energy and Mining Department, Attapue province Representing the local authority Congratulations on the success of the project: The Nam Kong 3 hydropower project is one of the successes of Lao-business people-investors, which is critical to energy development. Considered as an important economic base as well as a stable and sustainable production base and through the construction period of 3 years 5 months, see the intentions of CSE, See the importance of technical standards and practices, processes, procedures in accordance with all laws and regulations of the Lao PDR. Although construction conditions are difficult due to natural disasters, the COVID-19 epidemic and its many constraints. But CSE has overcome obstacles well, Due to the intentions and efforts of the CSE in coordinating with the relevant sectors of the public sector, both central and local, and the attention and follow-up of the government. With the participation of the people, staff, engineers, workers who have dedicated their hard work and consciousness to make the project run smoothly according to the plan and complete the expected level, and believe that the Nam Kong 3 hydropower project, as well as CSE, will continue to cooperate and contribute to the development of Attapeu province.

After that, the ribbon was cut, and Mr. Chanthanom Phommany, the Executive Chairman of the Board of Chaleun sekong Energy Co., Ltd. honored hit the Gong 9 times to be glorious and at the same time released the fish together with the guests who participated in the ceremony at the Nam Kong 3 Dam .


Upon completion, the project will be able to generate 209 kWh per year and is expected to generate an average of more than 14 million US dollars per year. All the electricity generated from the Nam Kong 3 project will be sent to the station together with the Nam Kong 2 dam and the voltage from the 115 kV transmission line will be increased to 220 kW transmission line to be a 116 km long dual circuit transmission line system. Then connect the system to the BoE station, and ready to sell electricity to EVN in the near future, The company is proud to have made a significant contribution to the production of clean, environmentally friendly energy. Considered as a firm contribution of the company to the modernization of the government in the energy sector of the government and to support the growth of the domestic economy to be sustainable with experience, expertise, and being a real developer.

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